Barcoded Sales Systems.
Market your business with barcode software and barcode production systems in the flow rate has a comfortable & easy to work with the tracking performance of  a business can double..


RFID Tag Systems.
The labels on the products or objects carry the information with the individual numerical values ​​for each product, and individually identified by unique numbers..


Production Tracking Systems.
Production Tracking System; instant monitoring of production processes and efficiency are analyzed and established in order to increase by your company. .


PLC – PC interface, the computer-aided systems can make the machines more useful and efficient..


PLC-Machine Software.
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) machine is a device developed for the control of sequential relay circuits. PLC ‘s inputs and outputs of the  looking at the status on / off commands….


Data-Based Control and Surveillance System is a comprehensive and integrated (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)) control system, a facility or
All of the equipment operation control, production planning to easily perform.